by Avi Aryan

This page is abandoned now.
Please have a look at my portfolio for the updated list of my works.

Clipjump Clipjump is a powerful multiple clipboard management utility for Windows. Everything that is transferred to your clipboard will get automatically transferred to the multiple clipboards. These clips can be stored for any amount of time, stored in any of the unlimited channels and can be accessed anytime without the fuss.
Sublime 4 AutoHotkey Sublime 4 Autohotkey is nothing but a patch to accelerate Autohotkey development using Sublime Text. It's features are unmatched and can provide you Scite-like comfort in Sublime.
Avis Bot Editor for Counter Strike A fully featured GUI Bot AI Editor for Counter Strike. (My first software)
LaunchQ LaunchQ is a fast, innovative, straight-forward Application Launcher aimed at making launching desired apps, folders, files and websites super fast and super easy.
Extreme Clipper Extreme Clipper helps you to take screenshots of windows in a flash. It's an ideal tool for one who is in always need of Screenshots and selective clippings.
Ini Translator Ini Translator is a tool to quickly translate ini-type formatted files in different languages. Any file that stores data in the form key = value is suitable for use with this tool.
FigletGUI FigletGUI is a GUI wrapper for the commandline application Figlet. It is a windows-only application that was created to make working with Figlet easy.
CapsLockStatus Notifier A simple tool that sits in status bar and lights up when capslock in on. Perfect for PCs without CAPS indicator.
Sublime Text AutoComplete Adder This tool will help you to add completions in a *.sublime-autocompletions file.