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HTML Tagger is a tool to add HTML, bb-code and custom tags or wrappings to selected text on the screen.
It is intutive , fast and powerful.


  • No need for shortcuts, you can fastly cycle between tags/wrappings using a single Ctrl+H
    This feature is same as the one innovated in Clipjump.
  • Support for unlimited tags/wrappings.
  • Very fast switching through tags/wrappings which can be added/deleted at runtime
  • You can determine where should the cursor be placed after insertion of tags so that it gets easy to append custom information.
  • Open source and free.


  1. Select Text you want to apply tags to.
  2. Hold Ctrl, then tap H to cycle between different Items OR tags available
  3. Release Ctrl to apply the current selected tag.
  4. While holding Ctrl, tap X to cancel Tag operation
  5. While holding Ctrl, tap D to delete Tooltip active tag/wrapping item.
Use Win+H to show a GUI which will enable you to add more tag items to the program.
The item added here is saved in a HTMLTag.ini file for future use.

HtmlTag Adder GUI Options


    The name by which an item will be identified (Shown in Tooltip)

  • MASK

    The MASK that you want the program to impose on the selected text.
    eg -> <h1>|</h1>
    Here | is the Delimiter and will symbolize selected text due to the TEXT POINT Param


    The Delim which you want to be replaced by selected text.
    This may seem a useless option as it will more often be 1.
    Use TEXT POINT = 0 to make selected Text appear before tag items.


    f 0 , Caret (Cursor) is placed at the end of tag after a Tag is applied
    If 1 or more, the Caret is placed that many points away from the right of Inserted selected text.
    Use Caret=1 to place the Caret right after the selected text tagged by the program.
    If you don't understand , better try it.


    The Delimiter used to separate MASK items.
    Default = |

Include Files

Clipjump Communicator.ahk (OPTIONAL)

Some Examples

  • Commenting text in Autohotkey scripts

    Using Mask = /*|*/ and all other options default, the selected text can be converted into an Autohotkey Block comment.

  • Inserting code in BB-Code Forums (like Autohotkey)

    Using Mask = [c]|[/c] and all other options default

  • Commenting text (inline) in Autohotkey

    Using Mask = ;| and all other options default